Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

Spring Cleaning Tips


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We all love spring; it is that time of the year when we say bye to a chilly season and hello to a warm one. It is when we open the windows, draw up the curtains to let the sunlight shine into our homes. However, the one thing that we soon realize is the spring cleaning comes with the season.

Every year and without fail, we are reminded of the level of neglect we show to our homes. Yes, winters are dark, dreary, and cold with short days that just drain the energy out of us.

Cleaning becomes a selective affair, and we just decide to wait some of it out until the warm long and bright days arrive. And when those days come, there should be no excuse to condone the dust, dirt, and clutter around the house.

So my suggestion is to read these spring cleaning tips and give your house a good clean. It is meant to bring back that freshness and sparkle into the home as you and your family look forward to a great summer.

Include Your Family

Spring cleaning should be a family activity where everyone gets to chip in and have a vital part to play. For it to be done right, then you need to know what to do, and this calls for a reliable house cleaning plan and having several important tips that can make the job easy. Below are some of the tops tips that you should consider.

Spring Cleanup – Make Your Plans

Giving your home a spring cleanup entails a lot of work; you have to clean it top to bottom to ensure all the dirt and dust is gone.

As mentioned earlier, it is important to put your house in order and have a plan of attack that includes every able family member in the house as well. So plan how it will go, room by room and then go over the plan with the ones you assign jobs to.

Tip: Avoid doing it alone; get the family involved and the cleaning will be easier, faster, and with a touch of fun. This also teaches children the basics of how to clean, which they can use now and on into the future when they have their own home.

Get the Tools Needed

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You need to be familiar with all the necessary cleaning supplies and cleaning tools and ensure that you have them in your house before spring starts. Sponges, mops, cleaners, rags and brushes are just some of the tools that you should make sure you have.

I also like to have a hand vacuum on hand such as the Dirt Devil 100 corded hand vacuum to get dust up from small places such as the window sills and edges of the carpet.

Since you will have the family helping with the cleaning, you can assign cleaning duties to each member and give everyone a cleaning kit suited for his or her cleaning chores. Just ensure that you stock up enough supplies.

Getting Rid Of Clutter

A surprising thing that dawns on us almost every year as spring arrives is the amount of clutter we have in our homes. From jumpers and scarves to hats and boots, the chilly winter days just bring out that habit to pile up stuff.

It is thus necessary not only to clean but to also organize, and work at getting rid of clutter.

You will have to put away what you are not using and be brutal about getting rid of things that you no longer use. Remember the family should be involved so that everyone identifies the items that are of little or no use.

I won’t go into the declutter details as I have suggestions on how to declutter different rooms and closets that you may want to read as well. Check the right hand side of the site for listings.

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Work Room by Room

When it comes to spring cleaning, it is easy to get carried away and start tackling several areas in the house at once. Doing this seldom works and only turns the spring cleanup into a tedious affair.

The right approach to cleaning your house is to take things one step at a time option to work from one room to the next starting with the kitchen followed by the bathroom and then the family room, for example.

Since you have the family in on the spring cleaning, they can be handling other sections of the house such as their bedrooms, the attic, balcony, or patio. Have each person finish their job or room before starting a new project.

These spring cleaning tips are meant to encourage you to make your plan and take action. Cleaning and getting rid of clutter will make your place sparkle and shine, lifting your mood and making your dwelling much easier to live in.