Bathroom Clutter – Declutter In 15 Minutes

 baathroom clutterDeclutter Bathroom In 15 Minutes

It may seem like an obvious revelation to you, but most people have a lot of Bathroom clutter.

With a handful of toiletries that serve the same purpose, many go overboard with too many items that just eat up precious real estate.

Believe it or not, you can accomplish a lot in 15 minutes when it comes to decluttering, however, you need to know how to go about it the smart way. Here are some things to take into consideration:

Start With Purging
The compact nature of bathrooms makes it hard to keep too many of your favorite items stacked on the counter. The best way to go about reclaiming space is by giving yourself a minute or two to purge everything but the essentials. It’s best to be prepared before you start by grabbing two boxes to help with the sorting process.

The first box should be reserved for items that you deem absolutely necessary. The second box is for items that you can either choose to donate, give to friends or throw away if expired or unsanitary.

Keep Like Items Together

To keep your bathroom from getting cluttered all over again, choose to group similar items together. Designate different areas of your bathroom to certain products. It’s not always possible to have drawer space ready for your essentials, so you can choose to use stackable boxes, baskets, and caddies to help keep things optimally organized.

Ideas for categories include:

-hair accessories
-skin care items
-hair care items
-shaving supplies

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You may be in a situation where you need to share your bathroom with other people in your home. In that case, give everyone a basket or drawer space properly labeled where they can leave their toiletries.

How To Purge

How can you tell that you have more of something than is necessary? Well, most of us tend to buy more cosmetics and supplies than we really need, so when faced with the ultimate task of letting things go, it can be a bit hard. When in doubt, here are the three questions to ask yourself:

-Do I need it?
-Is it used regularly?
-Do I have more than one?

If any of the questions warranted a no, you can safely part with the product. As it stands, the less things you have taking up space in your bathroom, the more counter space you will have.


bathroom declutter

Final Touches

Now clean the counter tops. You can use a cloth with a little diluted cleaner or soda water on it, I like using a hand vacuum, such as the black and decker chv1410l dustbuster, to get up the pieces of lint, debris and hair.

Next place your items where they belong on counter tops and in the drawers.

Not Everything Belongs In Your Bathroom

Not everything that’s generally stored in the bathroom belongs there. For example, medication is often stored in that space, but wrongly so. Since bathrooms are humid and warm, they are not the ideal location to store your medical items.

Stockpiling toiletries is useful practice when it comes to cutting costs and staying within a tight budget, but it can eat up precious real estate in your bathroom. Store these necessary products somewhere else in your home such as a linen closet should you have one.

The bathroom often seems like a logical location for your linens, but they take up too much space and may soak up a little moisture, which could lead to mildew.

Bed linens can easily be stored under your bed, in a trunk or even your closet where you keep your clothes. Other homeowners may opt to have a cabinet installed where they can keep their linens hidden from view.

bathroom organization

Final Thoughts

Having a space with less clutter will make you bathroom more productive when in use.

Keep a trash receptacle in the room so if you have trash, you can throw it out right away. When you go shopping, make sure you resist the urge to buy more than you need.

These tactics will take care of Bathroom clutter and declutter your space in 15 minutes or less.