Declutter Bedroom In 15 Minutes

how to declutter your roomDeclutter Your Bedroom In 15 Minutes

A cluttered bedroom makes it very difficult to find the clothes you want to wear or even to get a good night’s rest.

You will be more at ease if you organize and declutter your bedroom. The following are some helpful tips on how to declutter your room in 15 minutes.

And then you repeat this process once a week if needed.  It is however, good to start the habit of putting things away as they come into the room or as you take them off, in the case of dirty clothes.

How To Declutter A Bedroom – Start Here

What you need: a catch-all bin, clothes  hamper, recycling bin, trash can, a handheld vacuum and timer. Set your timer for 15 minutes. Your goal is to really not spend more than 15 minutes on this task. Place the recycling bin and trash can in your bedroom doorway.

Start With Nightstands

declutter bedroomStart at the nightstands. Throw away any out of place items, recycle items and trash into the right bins.

Take everything off the stands that is left, so they can be cleaned or dusted. I like to use a handheld vacuum such as the Black and Decker Pivot Vac. Now get up the bits of dust, food crumbs and other debris with your vacuum.

If you have rings or stains, you will need to use a damp cloth.

Arrange the items that are to stay on the nightstands and dresser in an eye appealing way. Place the items you need when in bed within arms reach – such as an alarm clock.

Don’t forget go through the drawers to remove clutter in the stands when decluttering your bedroom.

Take A Walk Around Your Room

Then walk around the bedroom with your catch-all bin and throw in any out of place items. Start at the bed and work your way out to the rest of the room.

Place any dirty clothes or linens in the hamper as you go, so that you do not need to handle them more than once.

Address Your Dressers

You cannot go through a list on how to declutter without coming across the instructions to clean your dressers as well and remove any unwanted items.

Check the top of the dresser for any clutter and throw away, recycle or toss items into your catch-all bin.

Put away any jewelry you find laying around.

Now as with the top of the nightstands, hand vacuum or use a damp cloth to remove dust and debri from the top of the dresser.

Time To Sort Catch-all

how to declutter your bedroomNext in decluttering your bedroom take things out of your catch-all and put them away in the right places.

Sort the clothes into three piles. (You have all ready put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket, right? If not, do so as you come to them).

Clean Clothes – Sort to smaller piles by location they would go to. So that would be to your closet or your dresser, as an example.

Clothes that need stored – Maybe some of the clothes are seasonal and would not be used at this time.

Clothes that need repaired – Is there anything that needs repaired? Such as loose buttons or a hem that is unraveling? Put those in the repair pile.

Start a donation bag if you have clothing that you want to get rid of.

Now put all the clothes in the piles into their proper place, whether that is in the closet, in the dresser or in the sewing room, etc..

Organize The Bedroom Final Touches

how to declutter a bedroomYour final task to organize the bedroom and declutter your bedroom is to make sure all of your bins are emptied and put away. So make sure all of the items are taken from the catch-all and put in their appropriate places.

Also empty and trash and recycling bins and put those away.

Let us discuss how to declutter your bedroom closet another time, that usually takes 15 minutes or more by itself.

Check your timer. Were you able to accomplish everything in 15 minutes?  Were you able to say “Declutter Bedroom? Piece of Cake”.

If not, there is always room for improvement. Either way, you just keep this tutorial on how to declutter your room in 15 minutes in mind and do once a week to keep the clutter down.