8 Kitchen Organization Ideas

kitchen organization

Kitchen Organization Including Kitchen Cabinet Organizers


There’s nothing more annoying than trying to cook and prepare meals in a crowded and cluttered kitchen.

It makes it very difficult to find items that you are looking for or to find space to store things or even have a clear space to work in!

The following are 8 things you can do to declutter kitchen step by step, so that you can start to enjoy the room once again.

1. Downsize your dishes and silverware.

There are only so many utensils, glasses, cups, plates and bowls that you can use at any one time. Having an excessive amount of these items can really put a strain on your cupboard space. Keep only the amount you need for regular use. If you have any holiday or special occasion dishes, store them until it’s time to use them.

2. Get You Skillets Organized

kitchen cabinet pan organizer #kitchencabinetorganizers
Pan Organizer Rack. Click on image to see more information.

Your kitchen pots and pans should be able to multitask.

Do you really need five different sizes of frying pans and pots? Most families probably only need a few sizes of each. When it comes to bowls, the same bowl can serve as a mixing bowl, salad bowl and fruit bowl.

I really like a pan organizer rack. Put your heaviest, such as the iron skillet on the bottom and the rest stack according to size. This one pictured above will hold 5 pans. This rack could go on your counter top, in a cupboard or on it’s side to fit in even more spaces.

3. Go through your kitchen appliances and gadgets.

slide out kitchen cabinet organizer #kitchencabinetorganizer
Lynk Slide Out Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

It can be tempting to pick up new kitchen appliances and gadgets. Pretty soon you have no counter or cupboard space left.

It is time to declutter kitchen counters. These specialized pieces of equipment and items can really clutter up your kitchen, so when clearing kitchen clutter, you need to pare down to the essentials and find some place to store things like the ice cream maker that you only use during the summer.

You can add something like a slide out cabinet organizer and put things away in the cupboard instead of sitting on the counters.

4. Get rid of duplicates.

If you aren’t careful, you can end up with a lot of duplicates, including everything from extra cheese graters all the way up to two or more of the same sized pans. Clearing clutter can get rid of duplicate items and free up a lot of space at the same time.

5. Know what your culinary strengths are.

You don’t need to have multiple cookie sheets and cupcake tins if you don’t ever bake. If you don’t do much entertaining, you don’t need to store several large serving platters in your cupboards.

On the other hand, if you do love to throw dinner parties, then having a 12-piece set of wine glasses may be something that you actually use. So decide what you really need and clear the clutter.

6. Select products that have multiple uses.

Kitchen specialty products can be so much fun to acquire and use. However, there is a price to be paid. These items tend to take up a lot of valuable space, causing kitchen clutter and most of them are seldom used.

7. Keep current on your pantry.

Pantries are another place where duplicate and seldom used items can tend to accumulate. This includes both food and non-food items. Clear the clutter. The more cluttered your pantry is, the more likely you will end up buying duplicates because you couldn’t find the first bag of rice that you could have sworn you had.

I also rely on having a pantry. If you need a larger amount of space for an extra pantry, Sauder Harbor Storage Cabinet is a nice addition to the kitchen.

You also need to check your food items on a regular basis to ensure that any expired or otherwise old items get thrown out that are not safe to eat.

Either this time or at another time – When decluttering and cleaning out your pantry, check your kitchen drawers and refrigerator as well. You may as well do a massive purge of this kind of clutter.

8. Keep A Handheld Vacuum On Hand

I also suggest you keep a handheld vacuum on hand. As you start moving your clutter and purging, you will find bits of food and dust bunnies. Store a hand vacuum, such as Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand Vacuum in the kitchen and you will find yourself using it quite often to clear the little bits of debris.

kitchen organization

Final Thoughts
To organize the kitchen might be something you have put off for years. However, it actually can be very rewarding and is definitely worth spending the time doing.

Stop worrying about how to organize your kitchen. Today you have seen an easy plan. If you need to, take it in sections.

Getting rid of all of that clutter will free up so much space for you to work in and make is so much easier to find things that you will wonder why you didn’t do it much sooner!