How To Organize A Closet

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How To Organize Closet Tips

It is common to let our closets get messy and cluttered. Often something is just stuck in the closet and the door is shut, without straightening or arranging things.

However, think of all the time it takes to find something in the closet when searching for it.  So let us talk about how to organize a closet. From there on out, you will save time and energy, not to mention avoid the frustration you are now going through.

So the how to organize closet tips is going to cover the two major closets in the home, outside of the bedroom – the Linen closet and the Coat closet. The Bedroom closet will be another post.

Get Your Sorting Baskets Or Boxes Ready

So first you need to start with taking everything out of the closet. Decide if there is a better place for items to be stored, such as the garage, or another room. Or if things need to be thrown away or donated.

You need three containers – one for what goes back in the closet, one that is for things to get rid of and one for redistribution to other parts of the home.

linen closet organization

How To Organize Linen Closet

Pull everything out and sort into your baskets. Vacuum and clean off the shelves and floor with a hand vacuum such as the Black and Decker BDH20000FL Lithium Hand Vacuum.   Clean off any marks on the walls. Wash down the inside back of the door with a damp cloth.

Now look over your Linen closet and plan it out. When you stick to your plan on how to organize linen closet, it will keep you on track.

Which linens are most frequently used? These will be put back again at the front of the closet, possibly the center shelf.

You may want to put in boxes or bins. This makes it easy to reach, keeps things organized  and makes it easy to see what you have on hand.

Things that are used less could be placed on the sides, or the next lower shelf.

Linens and blankets that are rarely used could be put in labeled bins or boxes on the top shelf. The labels make it easy to see what is in each container.

Your plan, if you have drawn it out can be taped to the back of the door. Then take what is left in your bins and put them where they need to go.

I also use the bottom of my linen closet to store toilet tissue and paper towel, but that is just me. You decide if you have more room, what you can store there.

coat closet tips

Coat Closet Organization

The Coat closet often becomes a catch all closet. You may see anything from a vacuum cleaner to umbrellas, along with coats and winter boots.

Now get your three containers ready for Coat closet organization. Of course some big items will not fit in a container such as a vacuum cleaner, but most will. Sort by what stays, what goes to other rooms and what gets given away or donated.

Draw out a plan of where everything should go. This can then be taped to the inside of the door. Hall closet ideas are going to differ from person to person, so make it what you need it to be.

Clean the Coat closet before you return anything. I like to use the hand vacuum as it is easy to get into the little corners and light to lift up to clean a top shelf. Wash off any marks or spots on the walls. Wipe down the back of the door with a damp cloth.

Then put things where you want them to go.

So for example, on the floor I store my upright vacuum cleaner on one side and a box containing mittens, gloves, hats and scarfs and my emergency items backpack. The coats and jackets hang on the pole and on the top shelf I store my extra blankets. I also have some hooks on the inside of the door, for things like hats and scarfs.

Also take what is left in your bins and put them where they need to go.

coat closet organization

Follow The Plan And Get Organized

How to organize closet tips can be used on other closets as well.

So there you have it – how to organize a closet does not have to be difficult. It just takes some scheduled time and a plan.

And don’t forget the sorting boxes or bins. It makes it so much easier to carry around the whole box and place items where they go, rather than running back and forth to the piles and doing something with the items one by one.