Closet Organization For Men

Closet Organization For Men

Commonly, men’s closets varies literally and visually from the closet of women. The sizes and sorts of clothing, etc. that require organization – like the Jeans, slacks, belts, ties and also other men’s accessories often means they must get various closet storage space such as closet systems for Men.

There are a range of closet solutions that can fit the requirements really perfectly. Some are moderately priced wood closet systems such as that imagined above. See the closet systems on and can be supplied to your door. This could be used by men or ladies, or a couple at the same time.

Closet Makover

First, order your closet system or shop locally for it. When you have it in home, then you will remove all the items in the closet and sort them as you remove. Have ready:

  • a catch-all bin,
  • a clothes bin or hamper
  • a donation bin
  • a trash bin
  • a handheld vacuum or vacuum

You then sort everything you bring out of the closet into the bins, that will not be going back into the closet. Everything that does not go into one of those bins is probably what needs to go back into the closet, so lay those items out on the bed, sorting as you go so you have piles of shirts, piles of pants, shoes by the bed, etc. You will get back to those after the closet system is installed.

Next, clean the space. Vacuum the floor and wipe down the walls and doors.

Next, someone needs to install the unit. The above unit takes a few hours to install, but once done, you have something you can count on to stay organized and you will be pleased with the way it looks. It will save you time, as everything is in it’s place.

In case there are bits of debris after the install, use your hand vacuum or your vacuum to again clean the floor. The hand vac is good for the little bits on the shelves.

You then place everything you are keeping back into the closet.

Basic Organization Tips

Here are several of the basic organization tips, including the solution to organizing men’s items properly.

The Clothing Items

The wardrobe of men is often made up of an assortment of dress shirts, pants, casual attire, blazers and suits set in no particular manner. One good strategy for men’s clothing organization is to have a lower and upper clothing hanging rod. This is helpful because the length of most male clothing types is similar.

Establish this order through categorical clothes grouping. For instance, the slacks will go together so with the shirts and so on. To keep the order appearance and garment shapes of the clothes, button the top and down shirts, hanging them neatly.

organize men's closet

The Shoes

Though undeniably, females are sometimes famous for having so many shoes, a lot of men also have quite a selection, ranging from tennis shoes to flip-flops and dress shoes.

Shoe organizing is a must for men. This way it keeps your shoes neat-looking and clean. You can place them on a shelf, use an over-the-door shoe organizer, or line them neatly up on the floor.

The only key to bear in mind is to have shoe storage where all your collection can be placed. A pair of stray shoe can already lead to things looking messy.


Similarly belts can use belt racks and other storage means. And a good tip is that you should not leave the belt in pants. It can lose the belt’s shape.

You may choose to combine belts and ties in one and make one rack for these items.


They are an insignificant men’s accessories, often overlooked in the list of closet organization tips. Yet, items that can cause clutter should always be kept in a permanent area. Ties are included. A tie rack is a brilliant idea.

storage box with lid

Storage Baskets, Boxes Or Bins

There will usually be some items that need to be back in your closet, but you do not want them strung about. For those, I would suggest storage baskets or bins. These can be open containers, or ones with lids.

I like the one to the right, as it has a divider in the middle, or you can put the divider down. LightBiz Storage Boxes with Lids are also from Amazon. If you like these, they can be ordered at the same time as the wood closet system.

Finish Up

After everything is put back in the closet, then you need to address the bins. Empty the trash, put the dirty clothes in the laundry room, put the donation box some where and drop off soon. The catch all bin needs sorted and you are done!

Now, Keep It Organized

Now that everything is clean and in it’s place, it is a matter of keeping it that way. If you take 10 to 15 minutes to do a bedroom declutter once a week, things will continue to look neat and tidy in your closet, whether it is a mens closet, a womens closet or shared.